We launched Hand Drawn Goods

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Apart from web projects for some time now we’ve been designing custom hand drawn icons. Hand drawn icons and UI elements facilitate user experience and bring life to web sites and web interfaces. Our first independent set of icons was Jolly Icons (jollyicons.com) was first launched in May 2013.

Hand Drawn Goods – hand-drawn icons, UI elements for websites and apps

Hand Drawn Goods

Meet Hand Drawn Goods – a place to shop icons and UI elements painted in hand-drawn style. In a last few months we’ve created more then a thousand unique hand drawn icons for most popular themes (UI, social sharing, business, education etc.) Each of the sets includes hundreds of vector icons on a certain subject. We paint them with love to add personality and joy to people’s projects! Hand Drawn Goods is a store featuring all our icon sets on one page.




Almost every set goes along with a free version (36 free icons) also avaliable for download. Some of the sets are coming up soon. We are also planning to launch mega bundle products for those who need more then one set of hand-drawn icons.

Brainy Icons Free – Free Education Icons

We’ll be posting updates about new icons and other UI related stuff to:
Make sure to subscribe if you are interested!



For this project we developed a WordPress based responsive minimalistic website. It allows to add new icon sets easily and provides nice templating tools helping us to update it instantly. We use Gumroad and Sellfy as payment processors because of high level of security that they provide to the customers and lots of smart e-commerce features.

Hand Drawn Goods

URL: handdrawngoods.com
Author, Branding, Design: Olly @ Hatchers
Technology: Jucke @ Hatchers
Twitter: @handdrawngoods
Facebook: facebook.com/handdrawngoods

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Jolly Icons — 400 hand-drawn icons + 36 free icons

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Hey, folks! Last month we have been working on our very first personal project called Jolly Icons (jollyicons.com). Jolly Icons a set of 400 hand drawn vector icons containing the most essential icons for web sites and app interfaces and covering such topics as e-commerce, business, food, weather, lifestyle, science, health, medicine, media, games, social networks and more.

Jolly Icons – 400 Hand-Drawn Icons


Jolly Icons – made for web professionals

We’ve been designing interface elements for a long time now, but it’s been always per-project task, tailored by the need of certain client. Jolly Icons is our first independent product for other web professionals who share our love for details and unique style.

Jolly Icons are vectorized, which means unlimited scalability. It’s easy to change the color or angle of any icon without any quality loss. Icons can be used with different resolutions, making them compatible with regular screens, HD and retina displays and print media. All the icons are available in five formats (.ai, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .png) and four sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64 and 128x128px.

“Jolly Icons are made to bring joy”.
– Hatchers

In a last couple of weeks Jolly Icons has been featured by Creative Market Newsletter, Specky Boy, Pixxel.co, and other industry resources. We are very excited about it and thank everybody who is helping to spread the word!


Jolly Icons Website

Along with the icons set itself we developed a simple website to put out all the information about the icons, authors and updates. It’s a responsive smooth-scroll fixed-nav one-pager featuring all the details and previews of the Jolly Icons set. The page has been featured on One Page Love, CSSWinner, CSS Awards, 1pagewebdesign and other appreciation galleries.

Jolly Icons – 400 Hand-Drawn Icons
URL: jollyicons.com
Author, Branding, Design: Olly @ Hatchers
Technology: Jucke @ Hatchers


Jolly Icons Free

Along with the main set we released a free set of 36 hand-drawn vector icons Jolly Icons Free attributed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. If you are working closely with web interface, make sure to add this freebie to your icon collection.
Jolly Icons Free →


More Jolly Icons!

More hand drawn goodies definitely are coming along and we are currently researching the opportunities to bring up more independent products for web professionals. Let us know what you think in the comment section and stay tuned for the new blog posts. For the latest portfolio updates follow us on Twitter and Behance. Rawr!



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Skillshare School of Design

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Recently Jucke wrote a cool article about online education. (if you haven’t seen Jucke’s blog, check it out — jucke.com)

One of my favorite resources from the list is Skillshare. I’ve seen it launch, and the idea of the project sounded cool, but there were very few classes at the time, so I’ve forgotten about it for a while. Recently I’ve rediscovered Skillshare, now it has much more to propose to designers and illustrators. I decided to try it and signed up for an upcoming class and “watch” a few others. Many of the classes I’m considering taking are part of Skillshare’s School of Design. It has quite a few awesome ones, with great teachers. These are few upcoming courses I like:

Skillshare School of Design

“Illustrate a Series of Icons or Badges using Basic Geometric Shapes” by Dominic Flask
(I’ve signed up for this one)
Illustrate a Series of Icons or Badges using Basic Geometric Shapes

“Design Beautiful Apps: iOS App Design (UX)” by Sarah Mick
Design Beautiful Apps: iOS App Design (UX)

“Hey, Cool Shirt!”: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics “ by Chris Delorenzo
Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics

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Hand-drawn Business and Office Icons

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We’ve created a set of 110 Hand-drawn Business and Office Icons that covers such topics as management, marketing, human resources, finance, strategy, business, office and so on. You can use these icons in web design and apps as well as in posters, t-shirts, brochures or any other print media. Icons are available in vector and raster formats, namely EPS, AI, PSD, PDF, PNG. Check out the set on Graphic River.


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Hand-drawn Holiday Icons Part 2: St.Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s, Easter and Independence Day

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Recently I’ve finished a sequel to “Hand-drawn holiday icons set, Part 1: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween“. This time it’s gonna be all about St.Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Easter and Independence Day (4th of July). The set contains 110 vector icons that will work great in web design and apps, as well as in greeting cards, posters, t-shirts, brochures or any other print media.
Link for detailed preview and description in the shop — “Hand-drawn holiday icons, part 2: St.Valentine’s, St.Patrick’s, Easter, July 4th

St. Valentine's Day icons


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Santa Claus Brandbook

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You see Santa Clauses everywhere these weeks before Christmas. But are they all according to corporate identity guidelines and represent brand correctly. Well now you can check. For Icon Magazine’s re-design sec­tion, Finnish design studio Bond took a mission to redesign Santa. Check the whole project on Behance.

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Christmas Wallpaper 2012

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This month I’ve missed deadline for Smashing Magazine wallpaper, but I didn’t give up and finished the illustration. So I’m posting it here for free download. Let it bring joy and holiday spirit to you, your family and friends!

Available sizes: 1024×768 | 1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1440×900 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200

If your screen resolution is missing here, please, drop me a line to olly@hatcherscreative.com — and I will add it.

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Desktop wallpaper for Smashing Magazine: November

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Illustrated Christmas Cards

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Last few weeks I’ve been warming up my illustration skills with Christmas cards excercises. You can see results below or grab them for print at Graphic River (links below).

Illustrated Xmas Card

Illustrated Christmas Card

Illustrated Christmas Card

Illustrated Christmas Card with Santazilla

Illustrated Christmas Card with Polar Bear

Illustrated Christmas Card with Bird

Plasticine Christmas Card

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The best logo of 2012

08 -

Working in branding and corporate identity fields and seeing hundreds of logos every month is easy to get “I’ve seen it all” attitude. It’s getting hard to get surprised and excited about new logos I see. But this happened to me last week when I’ve seen this logo… So without further ado I want to grant my personal The Best Logo of 2012 Award to… World Chess by great Pentagram.

This logo is super classic, yet looks fresh and cool. It is simple, yet deep and mesmerisingly beautiful. It is a cocktail of history, art, mathematics and philosophy. That’s why I fell in love with it from the first sight.

To get more prospective and find out about new trends in logo design, you might like to check annual research by Logo Lounge2012 Logo Trends. However, I think, this article misses massive trend of retro logos that rages in design communities.

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100 Hand-drawn Fitness and Health Icons

06 -

Here’s a new addition to my hand-drawn collection — 100 Hand-drawn Fitness and Health Icons. It was hard to include everything related to sport, health and fitness to the set. The topic is too extensive. But I tried to touch the most used areas, like diets, bodybuilding, yoga, losing weight and so on. If you think, something is missing, let me know, and there may happen part 2 of this icon set.

Check the whole set on Graphic River.

hand-drawn fitness icons

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Hand-Drawn UI Kit

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Interface design is so hot these days. There are numerous interface design kits available for sale or for free. Most of them are all shiny and very detailed. Some are futuristic, like from starship dashboard, others are retro or mimicking real-life objects, like notebook pages, ribbons, buttons, etc. I wanted to go other way and doodled all most common interface design elements. I was certainly fun!

So now I have this huge set of hand-drawn elements containing most used web UI and some app UI elements. All the items are originally hand-crafted and then vectorized, so they are 100% vector shapes and can be resized or edited without any loss of quality.

Go get it here!

Hand-drawn UI kit

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Behance Portfolio Review Beijing was great!

14 -

In spite of cold rain that never stopped and then changed to snow, we’ve found a base of this year Behance Portfolio Review Beijing — Instant Hutong. It turned to be a very nice event, thanks to all the participants for the great time and inspirational talks! And special thanks to Marcella and Stefano from Instant Hutong for taking the initiative and bringing up the creative folks of Beijing together.

Check out these websites of some truly talented artists based in Beijing:

Instant Hutong
Marianna Ignataki
Miguel Payano

And we’ve got appreciated =)

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